Welcome to HotMoneySurf

I, Felicia Alonso welcomes you to HotMoneySurf. HotMoneySurf is an Advertising Avenue which you can use to advertise your business or sites to the world and earn money from Our Daily Profit Share Pool.

HotMoneySurf Advertising Program provides you with a great opportunity to earn and get paid daily on each Advertising Unit you bought. No sponsoring is required for you to get the daily profit. The daily profit is credited to your account and you can withdraw it out anytime any day you want.

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  • Earn 5$ Daily
  • 1$ per every active referral
  • 10% Two-Level Deep Ref. Commissions
    5% for 1st Level Referrals - 5% for 2nd Level Referrals
  • No Need to Invest to Earn
  • No Need to Refer Anyone to Earn
  • Small Minimum Withdrawal